October has seen some exciting events planned for our students. Y10 spent the day at Bentley, where they began their first project the Bentley Car Seat Challenge. It was an exciting day for all with the students taking a tour around the Pyms Lane site, learning the trade secrets of car seat construction from a team of experts, and starting their own seat design for Bentley. The learning experience was genuinely outstanding and we are all looking forward to seeing the final results in the next few weeks.

Our Y12’s have had some fantastic opportunities since they started at Crewe UTC too. The students have participated in masterclasses with our sponsors, including Manchester Metropolitan University, Bentley and OSL Rail. We’d like to thank them all for giving their staff time and resource to inspire our students with real life examples of the world of work, and the place of engineering in the modern world. We hope to see all of our Y12 students engaging in their own challenge projects with employers very soon.

– Mr Dave Terry