Future Careers

The Crewe Engineering & Design curriculum will emphasise the practical and applied nature of learning and we will support flexible learning patterns based upon the individual learning achievement of each student. This will be constantly monitored and agreed with tutors, learning coaches and mentors.


Students and their parents will receive individual advice and guidance from Careers advisers and Personal tutors/mentors about which pathway is best-suited to the student’s personal interests, abilities and aspirations, in the context of their strengths, the work opportunities ahead of them and what employers will require and expect. Our employer partners will engage with individual students to explore career options ensure that students are ready for the work place and have an advantage over their peers.


Students will develop competencies that will help them achieve a professional qualification after they have left the UTC, with some moving on through university to higher qualifications. Professionally qualified staff at our employer partners, such as chartered and incorporated engineers, will help us design our competence framework and mentor students who are progressing to chartered status or other engineering technician/technical qualifications.

Higher Education Pathways

Crewe Engineering & Design UTC will focus on both the academic achievements as well as ensuring that students have developed skills and knowledge to give them a head start in a business context. The UTC will generate graduates who will progress to higher education or employment both locally and nationally via a number of pathways.

Many young people do not have access to styles of higher education learning delivery.  This lack of transition can prevent some learners from progressing. Our University partner, Manchester Metropolitan University will provide this transition experience and fully prepare learners who may want to progress to university. Learners will regularly have access to university opportunities and experiences through Crewe Engineering &  Design UTC.

Employment Pathways

Our employer partners will benefit from a young workforce with the advanced skills and expertise currently unavailable through mainstream schools in the Crewe area.  Future skills will be continuously integrated into the curriculum meeting the changing demands of industry to ensure the next phase of future employees are exposed to up to date methods and standards.


Regular employee advisory groups will ensure the partners and the University feed into the curriculum to create highly skilled and work-ready young people. We will pro-actively engage with partners to respond to the changing demands of industry ensuring the curriculum and associated project work is fresh and relevant to changing business and academic expectations.


A number of Crewe Engineering & Design UTC ’s employer partners have long-standing backgrounds in delivering learning experiences such as placements, apprenticeships, and outreach programmes and can therefore bring this extensive experience to the UTC by sharing best-practice, ideas and initiatives to improve and benefit learner outcomes.  These skills and expertise coupled with the support and guidance of the University will ensure learners receive the best possible opportunities and gain up to date working experiences within industry backed by an effective curriculum delivery.

Our UTC will be a beacon for high quality education in engineering and manufacturing where learners will follow their chosen career path.

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