Partner Support

Partner Support

Our partners are fully committed to Crewe Engineering & Design with a common goal in creating a UTC to provide young people with a clear goal in life and to reach their potential whilst also generating employees for the future.  Each organisation has developed projects specific to their industry that will provide them with the skills and knowledge to progress.


Projects are aligned to the curriculum and have a structured approach encompassing various elements of working from project management, to design and engineering. This will support and enhance the quality of teaching and learning.


Our UTC captures the combined knowledge of Bentley, Siemens, GE and Bosch in successfully delivering the dual education system driving engineering, design, and manufacturing success in other countries.  In addition OSL Rail provide links to the rail industry and Chevron, Unipart LogisticsOptical 3D, Leoni, Air Products, Network Rail and James Walker add specialist knowledge from their industries.


This results in a range of different pathways, career opportunities and learning experiences for our learners. Employers will demonstrate how theoretical concepts have very real and exciting practical applications and the range of roles this opens to them.


The Manchester Metropolitan University will support the development of teaching staff and continuous CPD.  The partnership between the UTC, industry, and MMU is key to ensuring a good balance between academic knowledge and the real-life skills required to progress into higher education or employment.  MMU will also assist the UTC by supporting curriculum development mapped into clear progression routes.


Cheshire East Council are also providing support to Crewe Engineering & Design UTC as a core part of the education offering in the area.

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