Our Team

Principal and Chief Executive

Mr Liam McDaid

Senior Leadership Team

Miss R. Whim – Vice Principal

Mr P. Osborn – Assistant Principal

Mrs S. Hatton-Tonge – Assistant Principal

Support Staff

Student Support

Miss K. Humphreys – SENCO

Mrs S. Stockton – Teaching Assistant

Support Staff

Mrs S. Longden – School Business Manager

Mr A. Morrey – Facilities Manager

Mrs K. Keany – Administrator

Mrs B. Plang – Receptionist

Mrs S. Lovell – Catering Manager

Mrs A. Preston – Catering Assistant

Mrs R. Dodd – Catering Assistant

Teaching Staff

Engineering and Design

Mrs N. Silvano – Learning Director Engineering & Design

Mr R. Benson – Teacher of Engineering & Design

Mr D. Strong – Teacher of Engineering & Design

Mr P. Miller – Teacher of Engineering & Design

Miss L. Thomas – Teacher of Art & Design

Mr C. Wood – Engineering Technician


Mr P. Goldie – Learning Director Maths

Mr J. Marshall – Teacher of Maths


Mr R. Clark – Teacher of Science & Engineering

Mrs C. Bourne – Science Technician


Mr J. Bowen – Curriculum Leader English

Mr R. Bell – Teacher of English

Miss A. Brown – Teacher of English

Computer Science, Business Studies and IT

Mrs A. Williams – Teacher of Computer Science, IT and Business Studies

Mrs J. Lawton – Teacher of Information Technology (IT) and Business