This is Sarah signing on!


Hey, I guess I should start by introducing myself. My name is Sarah, I am a student at the UTC and this is my first time doing something like this. I am slightly nervous, but I hope you like what I type!

I have been at the Crewe UTC since September, after transferring from Sandbach High School. I chose to move here because I wanted experiences I knew I wouldn’t get anywhere else. I mean where else would you get to work with employers and write for your own school website! My time has been jam-packed, yet I somehow still have time for lessons. 🙁 I’m kidding! The lessons can be interesting (sometimes). My option choices are German, Geography, Computer Science and Engineering Manufacture. Not the most interesting, but school is what you make it, right?!  Anyway, that is a bit about me and what I do. Now let me get you up to speed on what I’ve been up to this term.


The German Exchange started on the 16th April and if you didn’t know, I was supposed to have an inset day that day. We were told that the students were supposed to be arriving at 2:00pm, but they didn’t arrive until 3:00pm. That’s public transport for you! However, it was well worth the wait. The week was so amazing with trips to Chester and Alton Towers. The German students were brilliant and great fun to hang out with.


On Tuesday we did a ‘getting to know you’ session. The music kept things interesting and I got to learn loads about the German students. We then spent the afternoon at the leisure centre sports hall playing badminton and football. That evening my exchange student, Katharina, and I had a water fight with my dad. It’s fair to say we got soaked!


On Wednesday we all went to Chester to look at the sights and we were so lucky to get some sunny weather! We took a boat ride and then did some shopping. I got into trouble for buying yet another book. Thursday was boring. The German students went to Bentley and I stayed in school. I heard they had a great day there though. On Friday we went to Alton towers and it was amazing! Unfortunately, Wicker Man was shut, so it was a little disappointing. All the other rides were brilliant though and we had a great day.


Saturday was the last full day. I don’t know what everyone else did, but Katharina and I went to Liverpool to go shopping. I showed her street performers, apparently they don’t have them in Germany (how boring). In the evening we had a buffet at the Beefeater, where my dad spent all his time talking to the other parents about the amount of Lego he has! Sunday was the last day. We all said our goodbyes and there were hugs. It was such an amazing week and all the students enjoyed it. Nathan (another student on the exchange) said, “I had a really great week with my German exchange partner. I really enjoyed showing him the countryside around where I live.”

We all can’t wait to go to Germany on the 18th June and I’ll be doing a post about my adventures in Wolfsburg, so make sure you look out for it!









There was no rest for me, as on Monday we started work experience. It was probably the busiest fortnight I have ever known!  I went to the council web team, so it was a lot different to everyone else’s placements, but I really enjoyed it. Everyone was really nice and helped me so much. My favourite bit was migrating pages for the council intranet. However, I don’t think anything can beat the joy I had after I finished putting the privacy notice on 274 forms!!! It was a great week, not just for me but for my friends. My friend Cameron said,

“For my work experience I went to Pozzoni Architecture in Altrincham. I loved my time there. It was not as I initially expected, but my co-workers were very helpful and provided insightful information when dealing with the workings of Autodesk software. I found the whole experience enjoyable and I learned a lot from my time there. While I was there I learnt how to use detailed industrial level software like Revit and Autodesk and I discovered what steps are involved in designing and producing an architectural plan for a building. Work experience gave a great familiarity of what a job in that field would be like and helped me decide if I wanted to pursue my passion in being an architect in the future. It really has!”

So work experience was an all-round success for everyone.


I guess that’s it for my first post. Check out my next one for more adventures at Crewe UTC!


This is Sarah signing off.