This is Sarah signing on!

Hi 🙂 Well if you didn’t read my last post, where were you?! Only kidding. Just so you know I’m Sarah and I’m in year 10 at Crewe UTC…well only for the next few days as I’ll be starting year 11 in September!

So this half term I was lucky enough to go to Wolfsburg as part of the German Exchange Programme.

We left for Wolfsburg on 18th June, ready to spend a week with our exchange families. We met up with our families on the Monday night after our flight got in. My family was amazing and it was great to see Katharina again. Her mum didn’t speak much English, but we made it work and it was interesting being around another language.

On Tuesday we spent our first day at their school and took part in “getting to know you” activities. We also took a tour around their school. It was massive! It is completely different to the UTC as it welcomes students from 4 to 18, so it’s a primary and secondary all wrapped up into 1. In the afternoon we had a game of Völkerball, which is like dodgeball but a lot less vicious. Takes all the fun out of it if you ask me! After we did a Humanities lesson, which was taught in English. It was interesting to see how easily the students and staff switch between speaking in English and German.

The next day we went to a high ropes course called Monkey Man. I really enjoyed it until I got stuck :/ However, I’m not going into that incident as what happens in Germany, stays in Germany! Overall it was a fun and we all had a good day.

Thursday was my favourite. We went to the Autostadt, which is the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg. IT IS ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE!! Imagine Bentley 50 times bigger! I couldn’t believe the size of it. It has a museum within it, with plazas for all the different models of cars including Lamborghini and Porsche. We got to tour the factory and model our own cars out of clay.

Friday was busy as we visited two places. At the start of the day we went to Phaeno Science Centre, which was all about science. Even I found it really interesting and science is not my favourite subject! The best part was an optical illusion room, which made you feel like it was moving even though it was just slanted. After that we went to the Kunst Museum, which is all about art. I decided that art isn’t really my thing.

I spent the weekend with the family I was staying with and on Saturday we went to Berlin. We explored the city including going to the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Victory Tower and saw the view from the top of the Fernsehturm. We toured the whole city and saw the preparations for the Germany vs Sweden match. It was crazy! We decided to watch the start of the match in one of the pubs and the atmosphere was electric. We kept it playing in the car on the way back and Katharina’s dad shouted so loud it made us all jump!

On Sunday (yes we actually got up), Katharina and I went to the local waterpark. It was very different from the waterparks we have back home. It had 2 amazing water slides, diving boards, a wave pool, indoor and outdoor areas and a proper swimming pool. We also ended up bumping into all of the other students there by complete coincident. It was great to hang out altogether.

Monday was our last day and we spent it at the school creating a video about our week (which you can watch below!) and in woodwork designing ping pong bats. We also headed into Wolfsburg to do a bit of shopping and see the city for the last time. In the afternoon we had a party to say a final farewell to our exchange families before catching the flight back home.

It was an amazing experience that I and the rest of the students will never forget.

So a few things to say before a sign off.

  1. Well done to all the year 10’s, we all made it through the mocks.
  2. Everyone have an amazing summer.
  3. And good luck to all the new yr10’s. We are looking forward to having you.

Well that’s all from me I guess. 😉

This is Sarah signing off.