Life After UTC

Why did you attend the JCB UTC?

I always knew I wanted to become an engineer, and initially pursued this through the Army after my GCSEs. During some time out, my grandad, a long standing employee of JCB, gave me a brochure for their UTC. It was perfect timing – offering a route back into education, via an engineering focused

environment. I applied and accepted my place before it was even built. Although I originally wanted a degree, the UTC made me aware of other highly-regarded pathways, such as Higher Apprenticeships.

How did you join Bentley?

I took the Advanced Engineering Diploma, broken into 8 engineering projects, linked directly to a partner company, Bentley. I got to know Bentley and its products, which allowed me the opportunity to present my work to them. I could see myself with a career there, so I applied for work experience and was then offered a Higher Apprenticeship within engineering, which I happily accepted.

What are the benefits of a UTC over a mainstream school?

The UTC curriculum is interesting, practical and relatable providing the opportunity to work with global companies on real projects. Different partners present and run activities within the UTC, offering their support and expertise, alongside teachers and ex-industry staff. Without even knowing it, the UTC prepares you for the world of work.

What would you say to others thinking about a UTC?

A UTC can offer you opportunities that a mainstream school can’t. Even if you don’t have a chosen career path but have an interest in technical and practical projects, the UTC keeps your options open. It allows you to focus on the subjects you enjoy such as engineering or design, whilst gaining GCSEs and A-levels and opens up new career paths through work, apprenticeships or university. I would definitely encourage anyone to consider applying.

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