What is a University Technical College?

UTCs are a new concept in  education. They offer 14 to 19 year olds the opportunity to take a  highly regarded, technically orientated course of study alongside academic qualifications.

What are the advantages of a student going to a UTC instead of staying at their previous school?

Students benefit from regular input and mentoring by local employers and universities and can study  subjects they are enthused by, in a top quality facility that reflects the real work place, with teachers who have practical industry experience.

What is the reason for starting at age 14?

11 is too early to choose a subject path to follow and by the time  students are 16, if they know what they want to do, they often become bored at school and so underachieve.

What makes the UTC different?

Employers as well as the University shape the curriculum, connecting everything the students learn to the world of work, including the UTC’s working day, which will start at 8.30am and finish at 5.00pm.

Who are the sponsors of Crewe Engineering & Design UTC?

The UTC is proud to partner with Manchester Metropolitan University and a range of local and national organisations including Bentley Motors, OSL Global, Bosch, Cheshire East Council, Chevron Racing, Air Products, Optical 3D, OSL Rail, Siemens, Unipart Logistics, RAF, James Walker, Network Rail and Arriva Train Care.

Why specialise in Engineering and Design?

Our employer partners have shown a wealth of opportunities for  engineering and design in the Crewe area, and therefore the need for this UTC. There is also a  nationally recognised need for skills and career opportunities in a raft of specialisms offering fantastic routes for all young people.

Will students have to wear a uniform?

Year 10 and 11 students are required to wear the school jumper, jacket and tie and must purchase black trousers and a white shirt from a store preferred by them.

Year 12 and 13 must wear the school tie and are then required to purchase black business wear from a preferred store.

Will free school meals continue to be available?

All students eligible for free school meals will retain their entitlement.

Will there be homework as well as a longer school day?

There will be time within the day to undertake the personal study required by GCSEs, A-Levels and other qualifications. Students can access their learning online outside these hours should they want to finish off a piece of work or do more independent study.

If you already have support at school would you continue to get this at the UTC?

The UTC will have staff with  expertise in special needs and the building will be designed to be  accessible to all with additional facilities for those who need them.

Will there be any additional costs for parents?

The UTC is state-funded and will provide state-of-the-art equipment for learning within school. Specialist kit may be provided by employers either based in the UTC or provided through site visits to their  organisation. Students will not be required to provide their own  specialist equipment.

When do we inform the current school that the child is leaving?

Once you have formally applied to the UTC and your application  has been formally accepted, you may inform your current school. We can provide you with a model letter.

Will the UTC have parent governors?

There is currently two parent governors on the Board of Governors

What if I want to go to University?

The UTC will offer A Levels as well as other qualifications that will  provide sufficient UCAS points for  students wishing to move on to university.

Will attending the UTC lead to a job?

With its specialist learning and the key partnerships with local  employers in the UTC at every  level, we are confident that  students will leave the UTC able to compete for jobs and for entry to higher education.

How can I apply to the UTC?

You can apply now to join the UTC in year 10 or 12 now for September 2017. The application can be found on the “Apply 2017” page which is located at the top of the website.

Please note, if you wish to apply for year 10 you must be in year 9. If you wish to apply for year 12 you must be in year 11, completed your GCSE’s and be either 16 or 17.

Are specific grades required for entry?

There are no formal requirements to join year 10, however an interest in Engineering, Science, Technology, Design and Maths would be beneficial.

To choose a pathway at Year 12, students must achieve certain grades for specific pathways. All students must take Maths, 1 Engineering technical and Extended Project. For Maths students with a C are expected to take Core Maths and those with a B or above will take A Level Maths. If a student gets a D they will be required to retake their GCSE Maths. They will also be required to retake English if they don’t get C or above.

We also offer year 12 students a level2/3 pathway for those who didn’t manage to achieve their expected grades. This involves retaking Maths and English if needed, Extended Project and Level 2 Engineering.


There are no entry requirements at Year 10. Year 12 entry  requirements will relate to the course of study applied for. For any Level 3 courses at Year 12 students will be expected to have a Grade C or better in Maths and English GCSE, a Grade C or better in Dual Award science or in two of Physics, Chemistry or Biology. Students will also be assessed through interview for an aptitude for practical  learning, problem solving and collaborative working as well as an interest in engineering and design.

Will the UTC select students according to ability?

The UTC is open to students of all abilites but who have a keen  interest in Science and Maths. In the event that there are more  applications than places, there will be an independently verified  process of random allocation in order to ensure fairness. Some courses at Year 12 intake may  involve minimum entry  requirements based on the course selection level.

When will the second building be complete?

Our first building, Francis Webb, was completed in September 2016. Our second building will be ready for September 2017.

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