About Crewe Engineering & Design UTC

About Crewe Engineering & Design UTC


Our Vision

The vision of Crewe Engineering & Design UTC is to be the engineering and design education provider of choice. Through the commitment of the employers, the University and the UTC working in partnership, students will be exposed to a unique learning experience with the full scale of engineering and design disciplines and opportunities.



Laying the foundations in engineering and design, Crewe Engineering & Design UTC will be there every step of the way for students through the key stages of their education and helping to provide a clear onward learning path either through further education, university or the workplace.




Achieve Your Outstanding




An inspirational school that will allow individuals to achieve their personal outstanding and will create the engineering community of the future



Value Proposition  – purpose, values and beliefs


Crewe Engineering & Design UTC will deliver the highest quality school leavers who will be the next generation of engineers and technicians, driving growth in the region’s key industries of automotive and rail industries.


The UTC will develop in all its students those abilities, values and beliefs which equip them to make a valuable lifelong contribution as creative engineers and designers of the 21st Century.


Our student engineers will be nurtured through a stimulating and relevant curriculum, engaging and empowering learning styles, and exposure to leading edge technologies and contemporary engineering challenges.


Through a learning environment and experience which model the best professional practice in the fields of advanced engineering, manufacturing, and design the student engineers and applied scientists graduating from Crewe Engineering & Design UTC will have the academic qualifications, professional characteristics and personal qualities that render them highly valued employees, researchers and future leaders in engineering.


The learner experience at Crewe Engineering & Design UTC is designed to nurture independence, initiative and aspiration. As a consequence, students leaving Crewe Engineering & Design UTC will be characterised as young people with strong ambition and sense of purpose, who drive themselves to learn and achieve, and operate within a secure framework of personal and social values.

Our Partnerships

Our teaching staff will work with employers and Manchester Metropolitan University prior to each employer-led project to ensure learning outcomes are agreed and clear. We will work alongside employers and the University during projects to ensure that learners receive the best possible experience in terms of skills, content, and inspiration. By having this two-way partnership working, we will be able to bring the core curriculum to life through real-life examples identified by employers.


Our employer partners are fully committed to Crewe Engineering & Design UTC and they all have a common goal to provide young people with a clear goal in life and to reach their potential, whilst also generating employees for the future. Each organisation has developed projects specific to their industry that will provide the skills and knowledge to progress. Projects are aligned to our curriculum and have a structured approach encompassing various elements of working from project management, to design and engineering.


Our University Technical College captures the combined knowledge of Bentley Motors, Siemens, GE and Bosch in successfully delivering the dual education system driving engineering, design, and manufacturing success in other countries. In addition OSL Rail provide links to the rail industry, with Optical 3D, Chevron RacingUnipart GroupLeoni James Walker and Air Products providing specialist knowledge from their industries. This results in a range of different pathways, career opportunities and learning experiences for our learners. Employers will demonstrate how theoretical concepts have very real and exciting practical applications and the range of roles this opens to them. Support from Cheshire East Council is recognition that this offer does not exist in Crewe or the surrounding area today.

Our Philosophy

Crewe Engineering & Design UTC will specialise in Engineering, Manufacturing and Design and will deliver the highest quality school leavers who will be the next generation of engineers, innovators, technicians and designers.


We want to ensure that each young person is employable at each entry point giving the UTC generation the best chance of success in an ever-changing, challenging and global corporate world.


Crewe Engineering & Design UTC will be based in the heart of Crewe, and will provide and aspirational environment, which will incorporate the latest technology and equipment to give our learners a head start within the business and higher education world.

The Growing Skills Gap

Crewe Engineering & Design UTC will provide pathways for young people into exciting careers in Crewe, across the North West and Midlands, and beyond, where demand for engineers and technicians is high and increasing due to British Industry success.


By 2020, the UK will need 820,000 science, engineering and technology professionals, 80% of whom will be required in engineering. UK businesses often have to compete internationally for talent and Crewe Engineering & Design UTC will help us build our own long-term talent base, serving many thousands of companies across the UK and internationally, including 450 businesses in the automotive sector in the North West alone.

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