Employer-led Projects

Crewe Engineering and Design UTC Employer-led Projects


For most students, curriculum flexibility will come through the mix of English Baccalaureate and technical subjects that they choose. Many students will have begun GCSE options in Year 9 and will seek to continue those at Crewe Engineering & Design UTC.


Our curriculum offer will be broad and balanced. Students who are taking GCSE qualifications will be undertaking technical learning within their GCSEs, including Maths, English and other EBacc subjects. The skills taught in projects will be mapped to the GCSE subjects creating an integrated curriculum.


Students will complete projects and assignments based on realistic workplace situations to develop a range of specialist skills and knowledge and improve their functional skills in English and Mathematics.


Students will apply the theory of science, engineering and manufacturing in these projects. They will apply ICT and design skills; learn about quality engineering and process improvement techniques such as Quality Function Deployment, Just in Time, 6 Sigma, Kaizen and other continuous improvement techniques.


We will build a resource library of product, process and business theory, models, statistics, data, knowledge and learning materials and support teaching staff to integrate these into both the academic and technical aspects of the curriculum, particularly into English, Maths and Science subjects.


The learning will go beyond technical learning, and projects will be specifically designed and analysed to see where learning will not only incorporate the curriculum requirements of A levels and BTECs, but also develop general business/life skills.


We will integrate academic and technical learning. An English GCSE lesson will be grounded in the world of work. An engineering design project will build on key learning being undertaken in GCSE Maths and high standards of English will be expected in all work. Comprehensive continuing professional development will be intrinsic to success at Crewe Engineering & Design UTC.

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